Fastest Web Application using Rust Language

Rust is our passion and our strength. No other company can match our expertise in creating Web Applications with this Powerful and Secure Language.

About Us

Web and Mobile App Development with the latest tech is our specialty at
Zeravshan Technologies®, serving startups everywhere.

Our work is creating high-performance web application programming.

  • Python/Java projects are doomed to become bloated, buggy, and slow. They devour your resources like a hungry beast, leaving you with a mess of code that no one can maintain.
  • Imagine a language that can outperform Python/Java/C/C++ by a thousand times. A language that is fast, safe, and robust. A language that is the future of programming. That language is not a dream. That language is Rust.
  • Rust is the ultimate solution that the world has been longing for. It combines the best of all languages into one powerful and elegant tool. We are thrilled to announce that we are a Rust-only organization, delivering cutting-edge Rust-based products.
  • Rust is the ultimate language that will make all others obsolete, even front end technologies like JavaScript/Typescript/React/Angular.
  • Rust has won the hearts of developers, as the Stack Overflow survey shows. It gives you a similar level of control as C/C++ over what the computer does for you, but without sacrificing performance.
  • Web Assembly Enterprise architecture using rust, back end server architecture using rust.
  • Rust is a versatile and powerful language that borrows from C and C++ but avoids their memory pitfalls. No garbage collector, no problem. Rust can do everything C/C++/Java can do, only better!
  • Services we provide:
  • Web assembly programming.
  • Web assembly web application.
  • Enterprise web application(Web assembly).
  • Rust microservices API.
  • Crypto Smart contract programming.
  • Dockerised development and Deployment.
  • Automation.

Why use the Rust programming language for your project?

  • Rust has zero-cost abstractions

    Rust gives you the best of both worlds: powerful abstractions that don’t cost you anything. You can use them or not, and the performance and memory usage will be the same. Rust handles memory management at compile time, not at runtime. It knows when your code needs memory and when it doesn’t. It doesn’t care if you use loops or closures — they all turn into the same machine code.

  • Rust lets you have your cake and eat it too. It guarantees memory safety and speed at the same time. It stops bugs and security flaws before they reach production.

  • Rust makes concurrency a breeze. It eliminates data races and other pitfalls of multi-threading. It has smart rules for borrowing and owning resources that help you write concurrent code that is safe and sound.

  • Rust squeezes every drop of performance out of your hardware. It’s blazing fast and memory-savvy. It’s the perfect choice for services that need to run at top speed.


Tech Stack Available

Rust 100%
Actix Web 100%
JavaScript 100%
Python 100%
Django 100%


SAAS Application

Multi Tenent SAAS Application Architecture.

Scalability and integration with other cloud services.

Flexible and cost-effective pricing models based on subscription.

Reduced time and cost for installation, configuration, and maintenance of software.

Extremely Secure Application

Extremely Secure fastest modular web application.

Rust is a memory-safe language that prevents common errors like buffer overflows, dangling pointers, and memory leaks.

Rust analyzes the memory usage of a program at compile time and enforces strict rules to avoid unsafe operations.

Easy to Manage

Easy to manage, easy to develop, low maintenance, High performance web application.

Rust has a powerful compiler that checks for memory safety and concurrency errors at compile time.

Rust has a simple and elegant tooling system, Cargo, that can handle dependencies, compilation, and testing.

Non AWS Cloud Solutions

We develop application which can be easily ported to AWS or removed from AWS and ran from cloud based microservices. So don't be a prisoner of AWS, Own your product which is fastest modular independent services.

Web Assembly

We are full stack web application developed only in Rust, our web application backend in written in Rust and frontend is also written in Rust.

Compiled to web assembly.

We are Masters of MVC frontend architecture purely written in Rust.

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Rust is a blazing fast and memory-efficient static compiled language.


Python is a general-purpose, versatile, and powerful programming language.

Actix Web

Actix Web a powerful and pragmatic framework. Actix Web is largely unrelated to the actor framework and is built using a different system.


Django is an extremely popular and fully featured server-side web framework.

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